Electro Polishing




Also known as electrochemical polishing, anodic polishing, or electrolytic polishing, electropolishing is an electrochemical process that removes unwanted materials from metallic components. Its purpose is to polish, passivate, and deburr metal parts.

Achieve a Superior Surface Finish

Electropolished metal is metallically pure, stress free, bright, decorative, chemically passive, smooth and free from minor burrs.

A superior surface finish is achieved by electromechanically removing a layer of metal under controlled conditions. The final finish is free from inclusions, very smooth, and offers an unrivalled level of corrosion resistance. 

Metal Enhancement by Electro Polishing

Because the process of electro polishing provides a reduced coefficient of friction, it dramatically improves metal’s resistance to corrosion in harsh environments.  The smooth, blemish free surface is resistant to bacteria and provides excellent light reflectivity.